I started Chronic Conversations as an outlet for me. For the majority of my life, I’ve been extremely quiet about my physical and mental health issues. As I started seeing other people open up, I decided to do it myself.

At first, it felt like I was complaining or seeking attention. But then I realized how many more people were in a similar place.

I soon realized how therapeutic it was. I was able to put aside the nagging thoughts about “being a complainer,” and look at it more objectively.

My favorite things to share are memes—while there’s always truth behind them, it helps to laugh. It helps me keep a positive attitude.

So here you are, 15 memes that are too relatable if you have a chronic illness. And don’t forget to laugh.

Let’s get to the memes

This is so real. My medical issues started in my teens, so every doctor told me I was just being an over-dramatic teenage girl. It didn’t help that every time they said that, my anxiety would spike and I’d start crying 😂

Please let me exist in peace. *rolls up window*

What part of my body is going to hurt today? Oh, all of the parts. Cool.

If anyone can scare the pain out of my joints, it would be Gordon Ramsay.

I’m either really bad at sleep, or the best sleeper ever. Don’t feel rested either way!

Who’s going to be more powerful today? Will a physical or mental illness take charge? Or will it just be a shit show of all the things?

Every. Damn. Morning.

That shit show I mentioned earlier…

Always glad all my animals love sleep for these days ❤️

If you’re not familiar with the spoon theory, you can learn about it here. My life started to make so much more sense once I understood how my body was working.

Please, don’t ever say this. I know it could be worse. It has been worse. And I’m sure one day, it will be worse.

A for effort?

They’re not wrong 😂

They’re all intertwined in some messy web of causation.

Never short on the lists and flow charts in an attempt to make doctors understand!

Do you have a favorite meme about chronic illness?

Chronic illness can suck, so it helps to laugh. Here are 15 memes to brighten your day if you struggle with chronic illness.

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